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My name is Rachael (she/her).

While therapy is for and about you, I find it important that you know a little bit about me too. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Go Bills! I recently became a resident here in beautiful Asheville and I am extremely grateful to be here.


Healing can be fun. Healing can be humorous. We will laugh together, smile, and cry together.

I graduated from the University at Buffalo with my masters in Social Work. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am licensed in both North Carolina and New York State.


I found myself in the therapy role as many other therapists do. I was highly aware of the pain and struggles around me and within me. My role as the "helper" came naturally growing up. It was life changing when I learned I could channel these parts of me professionally.


Healing CAN be fun. Healing can be humorous. We will laugh together, smile, and cry together. Therapy will be shaped towards your needs. I am not a textbook healer and appreciate creating an authentic experience for you!

My areas of expertise include







Areas of Expertise

I specialize in working with adults who are diagnosed or suspect they have ADHD. This is a very special area of work to me as I am an "ADHDer" myself who was not diagnosed until adulthood. My lived experiences are shared in our sessions if you find it to be a helpful component to your therapy. I offer ADHD assessments (for adults only). My approach when working with ADHD (and other symptoms) is to decrease shame, befriend and get to know your ADHD parts/experiences, and utilize them to your advantage. I do not approach these symptoms from a place of fixing or changing. I believe we are meant to navigate the world this way.


Other areas of speciality include trauma, grief/loss, disordered eating, low self-esteem, depression, perinatal grief/loss, and caregiver burnout. I provide services to individuals in marginalized bodies. Eating disorders and disordered eating do not discriminate by body size, weight, or BMI. I am an anti-diet and body liberation expert. I personally live in a larger body per American Beauty standards and hold space for others who do too. 


I offer Psychedelic Assisted Therapy at this time. I believe that psychedelics have the ability to be an extremely useful tool in one's healing journey, specifically when combined with therapy. I have received training through SoundMind and The Living Medicine Institute here in North Carolina. My training has prepared me to assist you through the preparation and integration process. Currently Ketamine is the only legal psychedelic I am able to "sit" with you through. However, if you want to utilize therapy to prepare and integrate experiences outside of therapy this is available to you too. These medicines are powerful yet effective which means proper support is vital to the process.

Fun Facts about Rachael

  1. I LOVE the holiday season and I love the Grinch (Jim Carrey style).

  2. I have a fur baby family.

  3. I do everything better when I have music playing (specifically through my headphones).

  4. My all time favorite food is French Onion soup. I have to try it when it's on the menu.

  5. I live for decorating my house every few months which means I get to go shopping every few months.

  6. I have a moped but am still learning its limits in the mountains! 

  7. Earrings are my favorite accessory.

  8. Podcasts over reading.

  9. Some of my favorite shows are Mindhunter, Sharp Objects, Never have I ever, Euphoria, Stranger Things, Mr. Corman, and DAVE.

  10. I LOVE life changes. They keep me stimulated, happy, and lively.

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